I’m Amanda, the creator behind Visions of Veggies.

When I’m not playing with food, you’ll probably find me up in an aerial hoop or lounging around with my nose in a book. I also enjoy hanging out with my cat, doing yoga, and hiking. I was born and raised in Indiana, but now reside in the Chicago area with my boyfriend.

Why vegan?

I was the pickiest eater growing up. Literally the only vegetables I would eat were corn and potatoes. I survived mainly on a diet of grains, dairy, and chicken. I remember wishing I was vegetarian because I always felt bad for the animals.  However, I was stubborn and I had my mind made up that I didn’t like vegetables. Even if I hadn’t tried something, I just knew I wouldn’t like it, especially if it was green.

So what changed? A few years ago, my mom passed away suddenly and that completely altered my perspective. I realized that if I want to do something, I have to embrace the present moment or there may never be time. So I did it. I opened my mind and broadened my horizons. I started following a vegetarian diet and I loved it. After a year I decided to go fully vegan. I no longer wanted to be a consumer of an industry which causes so much suffering for animals.

After changing my diet I really fell in love with cooking. I started trying new ingredients and flavors, as opposed to eating the same thing week after week. I also naturally found myself gravitating towards including more whole foods and using less processed ingredients. So I guess all these years later I’m still technically a picky eater, but in a much healthier way. Give me all the fruits and veggies!

Why I started this blog…

Lately I have been experimenting a lot with cooking and baking. I used to be someone who could not make anything without having a recipe to refer to. Recently, I have found creating my own recipes to be very liberating. I don’t have any constraints and I can add my own flair to dishes. Sure, not everything works out as I intend, but it is part of the process. I am learning a lot and I enjoy taking time to refine my recipes. I created this blog to share my recipes with others and show how delicious vegan food can be.